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Welcome to Livestock Exporters!
Planning for an export shipment?

Here's a Cost Consideration Checklist for Project Planning:

  • Farm Price
  • Inland Freight
  • Assembly, Quarantine, Health Tests, Documentation
  • Insurance
  • Ocean/Air Freight

= Customer CIF Price



...The Clients of our Members

  • Provides customers with sources for livestock of the highest quality meeting required health standards.

  • Promotes a Code of Fair Practices for international marketing of live animals outlining responsibilities of buyers and sellers.

  • Assists with export financing by advising qualified customers of financial assistance available through various U.S. Government programs.

  • Advises customers and members on insurance alternatives and shipping options.

  • Assists with order processing for faster, more efficient service.

  • Promotes post-sale communication to insure satisfied buyers and future sales.

... Our Members
  • We cooperate with APHIS/VS in developing import/export health and sanitary agreements with foreign countries; participate in import/export type seminars; provide industry input into resolving off-loading, quarantine and transit problems as the need arises, and other activities as agreed upon.

  • Provide a forum to foster greater cooperation among competing firms when the common interest of all might be benefited.

  • Foster the growth of technology in our business by providing a forum for the exchange of new information.

  • Keep our members informed of items of mutual interest.

  • Eliminate unnecessary time, effort, and expense in making our products more competitive on the world market.
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