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Dens Ocean is the commercial manager for 'Livestock Express' which is world's largest independant company specialized in the transport of livestock by sea. The large fleet consists of several different size and speed livestock ships that meet and often exceed the most severe and stringent rules that apply in the carriage of livestock by sea in the world (Australia, New Zealand, Americas, EU, etc). As a pure livestock tranporter operating on a worldwide basis, we're happy to study any project to move livestock by sea.

For information and chartering, please contact:

TIjdokstraat,12 – 8380 Zeebrugge – Belgium
TEL/FAX : + 32 50 547848/547864
Email: Livestock@densocean.be
Website: www.vroon.nl

Suite 705 – Glenstreet, 6a – Milsonspoint – NSW2061 – Australia
TEL/FAX: + 61 2 9954 1488/1588
Email: Livestock@densocean.com.au
Website: www.vroon.nl

The Port of Wilmington, Delaware


The Port of Wilmington, Delaware is the leading US seaport for the export of cattle with over 50,000 head loaded in 2011. The Port has extensive experience with a wide range of livestock shipments – of all sizes and animals including pregnant dairy cattle.

The Port’s non-congested mid-Atlantic location not only mitigates Bluetongue disease, but provides immediate interstate highway access allowing short livestock transfer times from quarantine facilities. This includes, Pennsylvania Holstein Association’s Middletown, PA location, which is conveniently situated between the Port and mid-West dairy farms and cattle ranches. With six “open” ship berths and over 33 acres of cattle truck storage area, exporters can depend on quick truck and specialized livestock vessel turnaround. The ability to provide year-round covered dry storage for hay, bedding and feed - including bulk feed, 24/7 loading operations, and customized full-service logistic packages all combine to make Wilmington the proven Port of Choice for livestock exports!

For information please contact

Tom Keefer
Deputy Executive Director
Phone: 302-472-7820
E-mail: tkeefer@port.state.de.us

John Haroldson
Manager of International Trade
Phone: 302-472-7822
E-mail: jharoldson@port.state.de.us

Or visit us at www.PortofWilmingtonDE.com

World Wide Livestock Express, Inc.

World Wide Livestock Express, Inc. operates a full-service company for international shipping of livestock and equipment. We ship from Houston and Miami and have the expertise to consolidate shipments from across the country in order to better serve our customers. Our ship and air lines are very functional and specially designed for the types of livestock carried. the vessels are fitted with the best possible equipment and maintained to the highest standards at all times.

Alfredo & Josephine Muskus
World Wide Livestock Express, Inc.
Address: 7020 Hwy 75S, Madisonville, Texas 77864
Phone: 936-348-6897
Fax: 936-348-3900
E-mail: staelena@consolidated.net
Web Site: www.livestockexpress.us
Web Site: www.santaelenaranch.com

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